Hello! Welcome to Quirky Ink: creative communication that links you to the world. 

Quirky Ink Designs

...What does that mean? We design graphics that illustrate your points, edit articles that clarify your writing, and create websites that show your audience what you have to offer. We can clarify your major messages.

...Our Projects focus on drawing out concepts. We can put the nerdiness in a name by creating customized smart art for various groups. For example, previous projects include:
...We also provide Editing services. Our editorial staff has a technological background and literary intuition, which can clarify your writing so that it's the best it can be. We're especially good at:
  • Scientific writing
  • Research articles
  • Academic presentations
  • Websites
  • and/or any type of written media
...Are you interested in working with us? Perhaps artistically expressing your inner nerd? Or having an editorial eye give your piece a grammatical checking? Or posting a website that links you to the world wide web? Let's Collaborate! :)

...Feel free to email us your questions, suggestions, and/or comments: info@quirkyink.com ^_^

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