Our outer appearance expresses our inner selves. Therefore, why not go stylishly nerdy?


Several of our previous projects have included t-shirts for organizations at MIT and Johns Hopkins University, where nerds abound all around. Let us know if you'd like to collaborate! :)

JHU Biomedical Engineering: Departmental T-Shirt

2010-09: A lovely shirt, showing what could define "Biomedical Engineering." Created for the 2010-2011 academic year.

JHU Tennis Team: Men
JHU Tennis Team: Ladies

Johns Hopkins Tennis Team: Athletic Shirts

2011-07: Created using CustomInk.Com for Dr. Peter Barker's Team

JHU Pink Fluffy Monsters: Front
JHU Pink Fluffy Monsters: Back

JHU Biomedical Engineering Outdoor Soccer Team: Pink Fluffy Monsters

2010-05: After ordering these green shirts online, we used clothing paint and stencils to apply our "Pink Fluffy Monsters" logo and customize the back of each shirt with each player's nickname and number.

JHU Biomedical Engineering Soccer Team: MegaHertz

2007-08: Not only did we come up with the team name -- we also designed the shirt to go with it (also with help from CustomInk.Com.) This A-league intramural team was undefeated throughout its first regular season.

MIT: Class of 2005 T-Shirt

These are possibilities for what "MIT" could also represent, including "Made in Taiwan" and the Turkish equivalent of the CIA. [Graphic Design. 2003.]

MIT: Educational Studies Program T-Shirts

The t-shirt on the left was majestically engineered by Shaunna, Finale, and Issel of the MIT Educational Studies Program in 2002.

The next year, Jeeyun Kim ( and Issel designed the "SPLASH" T-shirt, graphically describing a few of the awesome classes taught for the weekend.

Clothing Designs by Issel

Here's a Google Photos album featuring some of Issel's previous designs: