Gift Ideas

Every so often, parents ask other parents, "How did you...?" or "What do you do when...?" This section of the website is a compilation of FAQs, journalistic endeavors, and "hey, this is what worked for us." Note that each family, child, and situation is unique... so what worked for us may not work for you. But we're happy to share some things that helped us along the way.

Gift Ideas

Gifts at Various Ages

Here are a few of the gifts that we've enjoyed giving (and receiving)...

For Babies

  • Indestructible book (Baby Animals) - made of Tyvek, so kids can chew on it, drool, wrinkle, etc., and you can even stick it in the dishwasher

  • Naspira snot sucker - transparent, one-way filter, and clear squeeze bulb lets you squeeze out the snot; you can also take it apart and clean thoroughly, and/or microwave to sterilize

  • Philips Avent soothie pacifiers - our kids tended to love these, because you can stick an adult finger through the hole and kind of wiggle it around so the kiddo gets interested in this squishy thing

For Two-Year-Olds

For Three-Year-Olds

For Four-Year-Olds

  • Legos

For Six-Year-Olds

For Seven-Year-Olds