Graphic designs range from paintings to logos.


More logos can be found via our Google Photos album: Quirky Ink: Logos See the "info" per picture for a description of the groups who commissioned these.

Hopkins Imaging Initiative

Hopkins Imaging Initiative (HI^2)

2011: Shown in the blue and yellow of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine insignia, this logo for the Hopkins Imaging Initiative appears as an H, which consists of two i's (which look like people) connected via signal (which looks like a free induction decay). The basic basis of imaging research.



2007: CATNAP (Coregistration, Adjustment, and Tensor-solving – a Nicely Automated Program) is an end to end data processing pipeline for Philips PAR/REC files. CATNAP performs motion correction for both diffusion and structural images using FSL FLIRT, adjusts the diffusion gradient directions for scanner settings and motion correction, and estimates tensor and derived quantities. The results are readily compatible with DTIStudio, FSL, and other tensor analysis packages.

Port Warwick Pediatrics

Port Warwick Pediatrics, Ltd

2012: This private practice in Newport News, VA, wanted a logo that featured the iconic gazebo of the Port Warwick community, and some merging of their medical practice with their medical focus. We created these graphics and their website within 24 hours of their request, adding primary colors, a stethoscope, and healthy kids.

Medical-image Analysis and Statistical Interpretation (MASI) Lab, Vanderbilt University

2010: Dr. Bennett Landman commissioned us to make a logo for his laboratory at Vanderbilt University. The MASI research laboratory concentrates on analyzing large-scale cross-sectional and longitudinal neuroimaging data.

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